Haunted Disappointment

It was oktoberfest this weekend, a left over remnant of when german rocket gurus ran Redstone. They bring in a midway and the rides this year looked prehistoric.

Except for on ride. Called the ghosttrain. Clearly it was a darkride. A buggy took you on aquick ride through a short winding route where things jump out at you. I had to ride it.

It was beautiful outside. Freashly painted and looking suitably scary. I was sure it would be wonderful fodder for new ideas for my haunt.

I was wrong.

The fresh paint hid the truly scary thing inside. Nothing. That’s right. Nothing.

My five year old can build a better haunt than this crazy ride.

Made me cry.

One thought on “Haunted Disappointment

  1. Yeah, they just don’t make em like they used to. Mind you, they have a lot to live up to with simulators etc these days. But how hard can it be to use some imagination and make the inside suit the outside…?

    (Is there a metaphor in there somewhere you can work for another post???) 😉

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