Batman breaks my heart

Let me say right up front that I have nothing against the dark knight. I happen to be quite fond of the bat. He’s no Iron Man, but who is?

However, halloween is my holiday. I go a bit nuts over it in fact. More than a bit. My living room is currently full of creepy props and I know how to turn you basic plastic skeleton into a realistic looking corpse better than anything on CSI.

With that said, Batman has broken my heart. My wonderful five year old son has picked the bat over something more appropriate this Halloween. I tried to get him to be a zombie or a bloody pirate but he’d have none of it.

No, he has to be something heroic on the one night we are to celebrate our inner villian. To embrace the darkness within.

I suppose I should be thankful he didn’t chose a more colorful hero. Spider-man is to cherry and while Iron Man is cool he doesn’t exactly strike fear in hearts. Batman is at least as grumpy as a brain starved zombie.

Now if I can just convince my three year old daughter to be something other than a princess I might salvage this Halloween yet. Maybe she will go for a vampire princess. Her love of pink doesn’t give me much hope.


One thought on “Batman breaks my heart

  1. I think you’re seeing the silver lining here.. he could’ve picked a way more pansy-ass hero to be. At least Batman is tortured.

    Jack chose to be a vampire last year, but we went WAAAY over the top with the makeup and everything. (We are Halloween freaks.. his mother is not.) She didn’t even recognize him when he approached, and she hated us for it.

    I’m hoping we get to do something with dismemberment this year.

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