Elections Suck

I hate election cycles. Everyone gets so mean. And I do mean everyone. If you’re one of the people who immediatly thought that your candidate isn’t as mean as the other guy then you’re part of the problem.

I can give you two examples from each camp that is just unexceptable. First from the Obama camp because it is not personal. The second from the McCain camp because it personally impacted my family.

In the Obama meanness catagory we have the case of the homeowner who supported McCain in a mostly Obama neighborhood. This homeowner kept putting signs in his yard and those signs kept disappearing and being replaced by Obama signs. That is not only vandalism but an infrigment of the homeowners basic rights.

The homeowner tried the police but got no help. So instead he protected the sign with an electric dense and a digital recorder. He caught a nine year old attempting to swap out his signs (and getting quite a shock) and running home to mama.

Police involvement and much discussion later the sign was returned and the electric fence removed. But within hours the recorder caught another neighbor doing the same thing. I’m not sure which was worse. Sending you kid to do your dirty work or being brazen enough to steal signs in broad daylight.

And now from the McCain camp. My son had an election at his school. He had decided to vote for Obama because he had pretty brown skin. That’s probably not a good reason to pick a President for most of us, but for a kid in kindergarten it was kinds cute. After the day of the election I asked him who won.

“My guy won.” he reported.

“Oh so Obama won?” I was surprised that he would win in such republican stronghold.

“No, I voted for McCain.”

I was surprised. I asked him why he changed his mind in who to vote. He gave me three reasons, two of them pretty good and one of them just aweful.

Seems some of the other kids told my son that Obama kills babies. Remember that my son and his classmates are in kindergarten. My son was convinced that Obama wanted to kill his cousin or even his younger sister. He is still convinced, despite my assurances otherwise, that if Obama wins we’ll have to hide his sister and cousin to protect them.

I hate mean people.