Baby Killer Obama

In an earlier post I talked about my five year old son learning from another child that President-elect Obama is a “baby killer.” Although I personally don’t care for Obama, this made me quite angry. A five year old hasn’t the capacity to understand the context of the statement.

The situation has only gotten worse. Now that my son has learned that Obama is to be our President he is convinced that Obama will personally be arriving at my brothers house to kill my two year old niece.

This is causing nightmares. This is causing fear. This is causing my son to run and hide any time Obama is on TV. I can’t live like this much longer. He’s having breakdowns in class, he’s not sleeping and he’s starting to act out.

On one level I can understand. I have great fear of the Obama White House and often feel like running away myself. I was equally afraid of a McCain White House, but still understand the basic fear of change my son has absorbed from the general post election mess.

Four years from now who knows what may be. My son could replace this irrational fear with a profoundly rational one involving the White House. Or he may discover great hope and pride, forgetting this childhood fear altogether. For his sake, and the country’s, I hope the latter comes to pass.

The reality is probably in the middle. A little luck and my son won’t learn the disdain far to many Americans have for government. Frankly I hope that the current resuegance in hope and trust Obama seems to represent can survive the first 180 days.

But personally I have little faith in the illusion of change. And a great fear of the reality.

So while I’m hoping my son’s nightmare will end, I’m more hopeful that the country’s hasn’t begun.

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  1. Wow. That is awful. I don’t know how you even begin to have a conversation with a child about all the issues facing this country. Good luck soothing your son’s fears along with your own. 🙂

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