Writer Excommunicated For Writing

I wish that the title of this post wasn’t true.  I know that like maybe three people read my blog, but I need to write this for other reasons.  It’s just so horrible I can’t believe it actually happened.

One of my new favorite writer and blogger , JF Lewis, got excommunicated from his church for writing an urban fantasy novel with a vampire protagonist.  You can find the story here, but below is a quick synopsis.

Lewis adds that the elders of his church believe that “by writing the book, I committed the sins contained within it. They also felt that I’d aimed the novel at young children (which boggles the mind) and that it teaches and encourages the use of vulgar language. Though I disagree wholeheartedly with their decision, I can’t really say they took the action they took in order to be mean… they appear to have been acting out of genuine concern.”

Whatever their motivation, I can’t believe that a loving church would honestly remove a member for writing FICTION.  I have to think that Lewis’s christian charity at their motivations is a greater sign of Christ’s loving influence than the church’s actions.

I discovered Lewis quite by accident.  I was wandering around Books-A-Million one day, looking hopelessly for a new vampire book to read.  I love vampire stories.  And I came across a new book written by an Alabama author about Vampires.  So I picked it up.  And I loved it.  The book, if you want to support the author, is called Staked.

In an interview at Urban Fantasy Land, Lewis talked a little bit about the action.  It wasn’t much detail into the why, but it did have a bit to say about how it effected his family.  The following quote from Lewis in the interview really upset me.

They went after my wife, too…. tried to hold her partially responsible for what I wrote because she did my website.  They used my dedication against me, tried to make her ashamed of being named in it.  I’m still mad about that.

I’m still trying to figure out the motivation on that.  Okay, don’t like the book I guess you do what you have to do, but then to target his FAMILY like that?  I have to give the man credit.  According to the interview he has still attended services at the church, and has taken communion there.  He is a better Christian than I am.  Seems to me, the church could learn a thing or two from his actions.

I’m so alarmed that such a thing could happen today, that I’m nearly speechless.  And the book really is good.  I enjoyed it completely.  This March, ReVamped comes out, the sequel to Staked.  You can be sure I’ll get that book too.

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