Is turn about fair play or twice as disgusting?

Think back with me for a minute. Back to early 2002. America was in crisis. We’d been attacked, and our existance felt threatened. Laws were passed, laws that took away basic Freedoms we’d enjoyed for decades. The few dissenters were loud, warning that this was a fundamental shift in America and would hurt us all. Those voices were drowned out with cries of patriotism and the need to support our country.

Frankly it was sick. Much of my love of talk radio died during this time. Limbaugh and Hannity disgusted me with their tirades on having nothing to hide and if you opposed this new laws you must be a terrorist.

Now return to today. We’ve now got “change.” Obama is in office and America is again in crisis. And again there are voices opposed to the presidential plan to resolve the crisis. And even with this change, a new crop of political pinheads is actively attempting to paint those who disagree with the direction of the President as anti-American.

Today on one of the cable news shows I saw a senator I remember getting slaughtered by Hannity for not supporting the President was actively attacking Hannity and Limbaugh for, you guessed it, not supporting the President.

So tell me true. Is this kind of disgusting rhetoric a case of turn about being fair play? Or is of twice as disgusting?