iPhone Love

Since my friends online are all showing thier iPhone love, I thought I’d take a second to do the same.

Recently Apple announced the newest operating system for the iPhone. 3.0 brings the platform up to speed with the typical features of other smartphones.

That’s kinda an important point. 3.0 won’t be out till summer. Summer will mark two years since the introduction of the first iPhone. That’s two years of the iPhone being not up to speed with features found on most other smartphones. Two full years behind the curve.

Yet in that time, Apple has managed to corner 10% of the mobile market. And those 10% make up 60% of the mobile web market. 60%!

That means with a phone with a smaller feature set than other phones, Apple has managed to give users a superior experience and dominate the market.

That is no small feat. While other phones have arguably superior feature sets, they have significantly inferior interfaces. Be it software or design, the iPhone provides an intuitive look and feel that users like and more importantly will use.

I know I use my phone like mad. I’ve used my phone to get online over walking ten feet to my computer. Ive become fatally addicted to the thing and I’m not sure I could function if I lost it.

And the new software isn’t going to make putting my phone down any easier.

Cut and paste is a feature I’ve missed. Other smart phones have had it for a while. But I’ve tried cut and paste on a blackberry and it’s clunky. It isn’t much better on a palm. But the cut and paste Apple came up with rocks. Again design matters.

Multi media messaging. Apple should have always had this, and the work around sucks, but they will finally have it this summer.

Application push, Apples answer to backgrounding, is finally here. Now I can get instant messages and facebook updates without lanching the apps. Sweet!