Smart people

This is not nice. If laughing at people isn’t your bag, don’t read this. Hell, if laughing at people is your thing you probably still shouldn’t.


Alright I warned you.

So I work at a place filled with smart people. Like rocket scientists. Real ones. These people are wicked smart and know stuff that makes my brain ache just thinking about thinking about it.

So I’m standing out in front of the main building here. I won’t say why, but I was 25 feet away from the glass enclosed entrance. Said entrance has an air lock thingie, remember these are rocket scientists, with double automatic sliding glass doors.

On either side of the outer automatic door you can find two, yes two, sets of double old fashion push doors. Totally low tech.

So I just witnessed one of these ├╝ber smart people walk up to the sliding doors and for some reason they didn’t open. Maybe the extreme smartness this person exudes blocked the sensor, I don’t know. Anyway, the doors didn’t open.

So what did this amazingly smart person do? They looked at the still closed door. They didn’t move to one of the old fashion doors. They just stood there and looked befuddled.

And they stood.

And they stood.

And I could see panic enter their amazingly smart face. They had no idea how to handle this situation. They had no recourse at all.

Had someone not walked up from the rainy outside, I’m quite sure they would be standing there still. Trapped in the airlock. Awaiting rescue.

Mission control, we have a prob…. Never mind.