A Bag for Need

I had the chance to do something really meaningful tonight. I got to pack bags for needy children in the community. And not just any bags, but bags full of food for kids whose only meal may be the lunch they get at school.

The event was at Aldersgate UMC in southeast Huntsville. Church members there supplied the various kinds of “shelf stable” foods, including soup, milk, and treats. Enough for two really good meals or several adequate ones.

The goal was to fill 40 bags, with the intention to provide twenty children at a local school food for the weekend. So that would provide two weekends of food packs.

Volunteers arrived, food stacked up and within 15 minutes the 40 bags were full. Mary, the event organizor, said a prayer and explained this brand new mission. Wendy, a teacher at the school getting help, talked about the students at the school. And the group decided to press on.

In the end, the group filled 60-70 food bags, enough for three weekends. That’s 20 kids who would have gone without over the those weekends who will now have food.

And the supplies were not exhausted. Had more milk been available, more bags could have been filled. So that amazing group of people are set to do more as more supplies come in.

Want to help? Here’s what’s needed. Soup, in individual cans with pop tops, no water needed. The idea is that a child could eat out of the can if needed. Milk, shelf stable so it doesn’t require refridgeration. Those are the two shortest supply items, and without the milk making the bags will be dificult.