Head Home Young Man!

This swine flu pandemic is getting silly. Schools are closed and busloads of kids on school trips are called home, yet sporting events and barbeque festivals continue. (BTW, how smart is the bus thing? Hey, we got swine flu in Madison County. Turn those kids around and get them back here now!)

There is a decidedly schizophrenic attitude toward this pandemic. Not quiet panic but if it really is serious enough to shut down schools why isn’t it serious enough to shut down WhitsleStop Festival? If it is serious enough to call home a busload of high school kids already outside the “infected area” then why isn’t it serious enough to keep those same kids from congregating at the Viper Arena Football game?

I talked with one of my pastors yesterday and we are on standby for closing the church on Sunday. I do know that the two kids believed to have swine flu in Madison were in the same class.

Now ten more cases may be swine flu. One of those ten is a boy in the same class as the first two (so his aunt tells me). The rest, who knows. Local media is reporting that one of the ten was hospitalized for dehydration. The rest have been sent home.

Still a none event, but a weird little none event.