A canoe trip!

(I used to blog about canoe trips elsewhere but the host is closing. I’ll move the canoe stuff here.)

This past Saturday I got the chance to be on the water in my canoe. It was a realatively short trip and instead of finding a canoe buddy I talked the family into going along.

We went down to Ditto Landing in Huntsville and put in at the old and mostly destroyed fishing pier on Alders Creek. We loaded up the family and headed upstream. We didn’t get far since the rains and high waters pushed us against a sewer pipe that is easy to pass at normal water levels. But the total trip was just shy of three miles round trip.

The kids did well although the boy didn’t like it as much as the girl. He didn’t like it when we weren’t paddling and only felt safe then. Didn’t have the heart to tell him we were far more likely to flip during paddling than coasting.

We had a mostly fun time and pulled out just before Saturday’s thunderstorms. I hope it means more family trips in the near future. Maybe a distance trip where we don’t return to the same place we put in.

Here’s a picture: