Teaser from my most recent canoe trip

Okay, I just finished writing an epic novel about LAST weekends canoe trip since I’m so ridiculously far behind in my blogging.  Excpecially about the canoe. So this is a short little teaser, with a test.  I got a new waterproof camera, and it even shoots simple video (like they make any digital camera’s that don’t) and I visited Wheeler Wildlife Refugee to test out the camera and another birthday present.  So here is the video I shot on that trip.

I’ll write up this weekends trip.  Maybe even before the week is out.  But after paddling 6 miles today, and writing the previous entry, I’m done.  I’m going to BED.


2 thoughts on “Teaser from my most recent canoe trip

  1. My name is Betty Rutledge and grew up on top of Guntersville Mtn. I work at UAB Hospital in B’ham. My co-worker seen 2 alligators at the silows where grain is kept. 2 six foot alligators lets get swamp people to come get them I am afraid to fish there now. Betty Rutledge Eakes

    • Alligators are as afraid of you as you are of them. There is no reason to not fish in those areas. If you see one, give it space, but chances are you won’t.

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