This just in from Cryptomundo!

One of my favorite blogs, Cryptomundo, just had this in their batch of stuff for the day:

Screaming Fishermen Confirm Gator Sighting

Seems some poor chaps fishing from a floating platform on a lake in Indiana saw a gator and refused to come off the platform for fear of being attacked.  This post caught my attention for two reasons.

One, it is in Indiana.  Far north of my hunting grounds and if it isn’t a pet, then I’m convinced gators are more elusive and successful than many people think.  But I bet it is a pet.  It was four feet long and I doubt an alligator could live in such a peopled place for long enough to grow that big without earlier sightings.

Two, is gators don’t attack.  They aren’t hunters.  They don’t chase prey.  With their cold blooded systems and anarobic muscles they can’t afford the energy.  Gators just don’t randomly attack.  They lurk.

Okay, a ticky tack difference.  If you’re the unlucky recipiant of a gator lurking, you don’t really care that it didn’t “hunt” you.  But its still true.  A gator isn’t going to hunt you down, but if you’re unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the right time, a gator might just get you.

But a four foot gator would be more likely to silently watch you pass than attempt to take out prey that much larger than itself.  Not saying it won’t, but it is less likely.

I’m counting on this in my hunts.  I’m hoping my 10 foot kayak or my 14.7 foot canoe is large enough to keep even 12 foot lurkers from thinking of me as oppertunistic prey.  Maybe I’m the one with the foolish concept of gator hunting techniques.