A few of my favorite things

Looking at pictures on my iPhone today.  Realized that I had a picture of two of my favorite birthday presents on there.  So although I’ve already shown them to you once, I’ve decided to show them again.  Because, well… today IS my birthday.

So, here it is, two of my favorite all time presents:

Two birthday presents for the price of one.

Two birthday presents for the price of one.

There they are.  And yes, I’m including the boy as one of my all time favorite birthday presents.

Surprised?  Well here is the story.  Five years ago today, in the offices of the Madison County Probate Judge’s office, the judge banged down a gavel and the boy in that picture, much much younger at the time, became mine.  Sean’s adoption was finalized on June 23rd, 2004.  I turned 34 the same day.

I’m now 39, and in seven more days, Sean will turn 6.  He was just shy of turning one when we got him.  Of course, he had been living with us for a while by then, but five years ago today it became official and I became a dad in the eyes of the law, even though I’d been the kid’s father for several months by then.

Since then my family, and my boats, have grown.  But it all started with that little boy.

Sean shortly after adoption

Sean shortly after adoption

Lots of things have changed, but little about the last five years would I give up.  We missed the first 7 months of this little buggers life, but I hope we’ve made up for that in the last 5 years.

Next week we take him to a special place for his 6th birthday.  But I’ll keep those plans under wraps till we get back.

Happy Birthday to me, but more importantly – Happy Adoption Day Sean!


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