Clown Car of Canoe and Kayak Goodness!

Here is the clown car of canoe and kayak goodness!

First, the Clown Car of Canoe:

If you see this rig running around North Alabama, it isn't a clown car.  That's me looking for gators!

The Clown Car of Canoe

And now, the Clown Car of Kayak:

The Clown Car of Kayak

The Clown Car of Kayak

I don’t know why it rotated like that.

It’s too funny, I’m not changing it.  Tilt your head already.

Seriously, I love this little car.  It’s my father-in-law’s ancient Ford Festiva.  It’s indestructable, gets great milage even with a canoe/kayak on top, and just works great hauling my gear around the county.  I wouldn’t take a long trip in it, and I wouldn’t double haul both the canoe and the kayak on it, but on the whole it might work funny, but more importantly it works!