A kayak conspiracy

It’s a conspiracy I tell you! Stores put their kayaks on sale in the summer! There is no water in the summer! God how I complained of spring rains, now I’d love a week of rain so I could kayak again!

I went out early early Saturday morning. I was at the put in on the Flint before sunrise. There was no water, despite going far south on the river.

I made it a quarter mile upstream before snags made the river impassable. It took me an hour to get that far, searching for ways around blockage. And ten minutes to return. If that.

For those that float the Flint, I don’t suggest the stretch between Little Cove Road and 431. And the quite aweful landing on Hayse Nature Preserve is even worse with the low water.

Guess I’ll be going back to Wheeler for the rest of the summer. The gators should have hatched and the warm June should mean lots of males came out of the eggs.

If I can find them.