The World Is Crazy

So the world is crazy.  I can prove it.  Really.

First lets take this tidbit sent to me by a certain teacher friend of mine.  I’ll not say who since I don’t want her to get in trouble, but this note from a parent is priceless.  The only bit you need to know is that the teacher sent home a single page of homework that required nothing more than a pencil and some work to complete.  This is the note that came back the next day.

Could you please see that [Student Name Redacted] has the supplies she needs to do her homework?  Thanks.

Now, had this teacher failed to send home something, this might be a reasonable request, right?  Only the teacher did send home the supplies.  The note is even written on the back of those supplies.  The only thing the teacher didn’t send home is the pencil.  Yet the parent managed to write the above note… in pencil.  One has to wonder what supplies the parent is referring to!

Then tonight I went out to the community theater I’ve been cast in a play for.  We moved the set from the scene shop into the rental van to move it down to the performance hall.  I was fairly upset upon arrival.  See, I shouldn’t have been there at all, cause I was just there to be nice.  But word had gone out earlier that help was needed so I went.

I’d heard a bit of a rumor that the Tech Director, who should have been there, had to leave the country.  But he would have the set built and ready for loading onto the truck when everyone got there.

Well, it was built.  Sort of.  But ready for the truck?  Not so much.  It was still bolted together.  Now if this was a small set, no big deal.  But this is a mammoth two story set.  Which had to be completely disassembled prior to loading on the truck.  Now getting called out of the country is one thing, but leaving us with all that?  I wasn’t prepared.

Oh well, that’s life in the fine world of community theater!