Set is up…

Well, I don’t have a picture yet, cause it hasn’t been painted, but the set came together finally.  Two long days of construction and it’s standing.

There may be a sight line problem here and there since large portions still seem to be missing, but for the most part, its built.  Which is better than I thought it would be on Thursday.  I was quite upset with it being not apart when I went on Friday to load the truck, but ultimately I think that was a good thing because the knowledge of taking it apart helped as we put it back together.

People who are much better at reading plans than I am had serious trouble with the plans left behind by the Tech Director.  Seems set pieces didn’t match their designation on the plans.  My character enters through the “cellar” door, which according to the plans should have been labeled “Q” as I recall.  It was labeled “K”  or something.  In the end we were putting together the set mostly blind.  And we had lots of doing the work twice because we couldn’t or didn’t figure it out right the first time.

But that is all behind us!  A bunch of mostly actors showed up on Saturday and we cobbled it together.  By the time we were so tired we were stupid the bottom floor of the set was up, and the top floor had a few walls.  The next morning  back at it early, and we got some serious help.  The AD’s husband, Chris, showed up and I must confess to having a bit of a man crush on him.  Lordy, that man knows how to sling wood and use power tools.  Chris is a finish carpenter by trade, and did the work of 20 actors on Sunday.  And the work of at least 4 of our normal techies.  And 2 of our better techies.  Chris was awesome.

For a while on Sunday Morning, it was just Chris and I working.  After slowing him down for 15 minutes, I just got out of his way and let him work.  He fixed the stairs we never could quite get right.  He trimmed, cut, pounded built and otherwise perfected the set for at least 12 hours.  I know it was at least 12 cause I gave up after 12.  As I left I still heard his DeWalt cordless power nailer slamming its way through the set.

So for the first time, less than a week before the open, the cast got the chance to rehearse on the set.  Not horribly unusual, but as I mentioned the plans weren’t that great and there are some serious issues with it.  For one, the thrust isn’t as wide as what we rehearsed on.  So since I helped build the thrust, guess who was the only person to fall off it during the run through?  Yep, me.  Went to hug my “daughter” and stepped right off into space.

Oh, and speaking of daughters, my real one didn’t like me having a fake one.  It was cute, and kinda fun, to see Molly so upset that I had another “daughter.”  She didn’t realize I had two!  (I hardly ever even acknowledge the other one for the whole play.  It’s kinda bizarre)

So anyway, that’s been my Labor Day Weekend.  Not exactly what I had in mind, but it’ll do.  Today I’m spending it with my kids doing something fun.  As of now, I have no idea what that fun thing will be, but it should be fun!  Right?