Opening Night

I’ve got a tradition.  Opening night I get all worked up and about 20 minutes before the show opens I’m praying to the porcelain god.  Then I pull myself together and do the show, and am fine for the rest of the run.  For whatever reason, last night for opening night I didn’t feel nervous and I didn’t have an upset stomach at all prior to going on stage.

So the point is, last night was opening night for “You Can’t Take It With You.”  For those of you that know the play, I’m playing Paul Sycamore, the Father of the craziest family in New York circa 1938.  While not a leading role by ANY stretch of the imagination, it is by far the most time I’ve spent on stage in any production I’ve been an actor in.  Most of that is as Human Set Dressing, but nevertheless it’s on stage!

In fact, it was the most enjoyable stage experience I’ve had.  I don’t know if it is a comfort level things, which I doubt since I haven’t done that much and I’ve not done anything since Feb of 2007, or what, but I went out on stage and just had fun.

I’m playing with some pretty amazing people.  Our Penny is simple fabulous, and Grandpa commands the show.  The two Mr. Kirby’s are phenomenal and my daughters, Alice and Essie, are both beautiful and talented.  I’m honored to do a show with each and every one of them.

Apparently the Diva Moments have been kept to both a minimum and out of the public eye, so maybe the level of camaraderie I’m feeling is artificial.  I’ve been informed that just because I haven’t seen them doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.  Personally I’d rather be blissfully ignorant and have no real complaints about the way first time Theatre Huntsville director Nina Soden ran the show.  (Look, every actor has complaints about every director they work for.  But mine are all silly little nits that I’m not gonna list here.)

So we opened to a theatre about half full, I’m told.  It was a receptive audience, laughing at the right places.  The play really is quite funny, but haven been written in the late 1930’s it has a different view on life than our modern world does.  As a result it is interesting what jokes the audience gets and what jokes they don’t.  It references the Russian Revolution a great deal, as that was the hot topic of the day.  So it was interesting that some of the older members of opening night got some of those references.

Would I do this show, or another Theatre Huntsville show again?  I don’t know.  The whole family is auditioning for Christmas Carol today before the show, so we’ll have to see how it goes.  I’m not sure what’ll happen there.  And I’ve been approached to Tech Direct another show.  I don’t know that I really want to get back into the Theatre Scene, but it seems to be calling me back.  We’ll see if it happens.