New Lights for a New Look

New lights downtownSo last night I wasn’t feeling to good.  And if you’ll read my next post you’ll see why. But I was up to a little trip down to the public library to see the latest beautification attempt by the Big Spring Partners.  And I’ll have to admit it is nicer than I was anticipating.

I think my family and I were the only ones there not directly related to the event.  Everyone else was either from TLS, Huntsville Utilities, or some other involved organization.  The only possible exception might be the newsies, since all the stations had a presence.  Oh, and the ever everywhere Jeff White, of Jeff White Photography, was also there taking pictures.

I was really thinking I’d be going to ridicule the concept.  While it’s not as impressive as I’d like, it is more impressive than I’d thought it would be.  For very little money, the Big Spring Partners did improve a part of downtown Huntsville.  I doubt they could have improved the section with shrubs or walls for as little.  And it seems that LED decorating is the new “in” thing.  So instead of making fun of Mary Jane Caylor like I planned, I’ll give her a heart felt high five for a job well done.

To the detractors, like I once was.  The City didn’t pay a dime for this.  Big Spring Partners footed the bill, and TLS, a local company, made it happen.  Huntsville Utilities is paying for the power to run the lights, which being LED is almost nothing.  This had zero impact on our tax dollars, and a not insignificant impact on the look of downtown Huntsville.  Again, I arrived as one to make fun of this, but in the end, I’m pleased as punch.  And if Big Spring Partners can get what they want, and I now hope they do, the current lighting is around 10% of what the final lighting plan is.  Assuming that the lights end up staying beyond Big Spring Jam.

Time will tell if this turns into a more beautiful Huntsville, or another downtown boondoggle.  For better pictures than the one I took with my iPhone, head over to, where they have a nice slideshow.


2 thoughts on “New Lights for a New Look

  1. Yea, TLS! Hopefully we will be doing a permanent install of more lighting in the next few months. TVA and Huntsville Utilities are also throwing some money at it.

  2. I drove by and saw the effect, it is nice, and easy! I think is is always better to enhance the form you have then try to cover it with something else.
    Kudos to TLS and David Milly, as well as the Big Spring Partners

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