Strep Throat, not for the squimish.

So I’m at the doctors. My throat has been midly hurting since Wednesday and yesterday it got pretty bad. But the kids had an event. So I roughed it out. But today, I’m in the doctors.

Besides being the typhoid Michael of the Autumn Chase my kids ran in (pictures soon) I didn’t do much. Now I’m stuck at the doctors with both ass checks full of some thick brown liquid they tell me was antibiotics. And a steroid shot. And then it was was spinny spinny, how’d I end up in here with drool on my checks?

Weeeee. Don’t blog while having a reaction! Owww. It hurts to swallow. Oh my, is that the room spinning?

Alright back. Hey it hurts to walk and my ass feels like someone shoved five pounds of water under the skin. Oh wait. They did.

I felt better before the shots, evil witchy nurse lady.

Who is now an angel putting cold compass on my forehead after I nearly passed out. Nice nurse lady.

Strep throat. So it’s not sexy like swine flu, but hurts like a mother.

I’m going to drive home and be sick now. Thanks!


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