Learning About Huntsville

I’m happy to live in Huntsville.  I love my hometown with a passion, and get offended by the common phrase “nothing to do in Huntsville.”  If you can’t find something to do here, you haven’t really looked.

I occasionally find tidbits about Huntsville by doing searches in various places.  So I was pleased to find this little tidbit today:

I’m excited to announce that the gallery has sponsered a Dream panel for the upcoming Dream Rocket fiber community collaboration organized by Jennifer Marsh and the International Fiber Collaborative. Check out this website to learn more about this ambitious project and then come to the Stitch ‘n Sip meeting to add your contribution to the panel. Our work will then be installed on the Saturn V Rocket in Huntsville, Alabama!

I think it’s neat that someone so far away is working on an art project for my hometown.

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