An update from Angel Island

I’m posting this from my new favorite oasis in Huntsville.  Okay, it’s not really new, and it’s actually been my favorite for a while.  I’m at Angel Island Coffee.  And I hang out here most mornings after dropping the kiddo off at school.  Why?  Cause it has great coffee and free wifi and I can surf job sites (and make the occasional blog post) from the comfort of a big leather couch.

And because Angel, the owner, is the perfect business woman, she sees me coming in the store and more often than not has my coffee ready for me at the register by the time I walk up to it.  Yea, that speaks a bit to my own predictability, but also to Angel’s innate sense of people and business.

I don’t buy her more expensive drinks.  I buy her coffee.  Fresh brewed and smelling so heavenly.  Almost always… no always the dark roast.  And its a little peice of heaven.  So she has every reason not to like my cheap spending habits, but she continues to deliver the same wonderful experience every time I visit.

I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep this up.  My severance from getting laid off runs out in another couple of weeks.  At that point, the $2 for coffee, $10 a week will have to be re-evaluated along with lots of other choices.  Like keeping the phone charged, I’m afraid.  But till then, Angel Island has offered me something more than good coffee at fair prices.

It’s been that place I can go and get away from the swirling storms that are my life.  It really has been my oasis and my refuge in a time of turmoil and I’ve been grateful.  Ask my twitter and facebook friends.  They’re all tired of seeing Angel Island in my morning status updates.

So this is just my personal thank you to the place that has given me so much without doing a thing more than give the city’s best coffee while also giving the best personal service.  Thanks Angel.