Haunted House A Success…

Once again I set up my Haunt.  Due to various things, very little of the structure changed this year.  But the effects and scares… very different.  Plus a few surprise donations by a theater friend resulted in one of the most interesting set ups we’ve ever done.

For the first time, the haunt was set up indoors at the gym at the church.  Building the haunt was an absolute practice in frustration.  Building indoors threw off all sense of proportion.  I had no idea how the final product would end up looking.


We started the build on Friday, with the pre-Halloween event on Saturday.  The first step was to put together the “Dot Room” which is the second part of the haunt.  Trying to figure out some of the things about the tent became a bit of an obsession for a while.  The tent is a regular hexagon with 6 foot sides.  I now know more about the geometry of hexagons than I ever thought I would.


With the tent up, and looking smashing and scary too – don’t you think?, we could move on to the more important parts of the build.

IMG_0019Lunch!  Yum!  Then one more quick trip:


Then we could return to building…

IMG_0021IMG_0022IMG_0023IMG_0024IMG_0025IMG_0026Things picked up once we started putting the facade on the house.  Which is cardboard and stitched together with zip ties.  So that goes up pretty quick.

IMG_0028Nearly finished!

IMG_0029There!  At this point it was just dressing it out to be as scary as possible.  Jim, my partner in halloween crime, took some pictures of the finished house, glowing in the darkness.  When I get them from him I’ll include them here.

Want to see what happens inside?  We’ll be in the neighborhood behind the south parkway Wal Mart this weekend.  Turn left on Bell Road as you go up Hobbs from the Parkway, and you can’t miss us.

So visit, if you dare.


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    • It takes a full day to put up, and with the rain it’s unlikely we’ll have it up more than on saturday and probably not before sunset.

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