Help a Haunter Out!

I need your help!

IMG_0029The rain is threatening to cancel our haunted house this year, but the latest forcasts show it should be past us by the time the Trick Or Treaters start begging for their candy.  So I need some help from you if I’m to get the house set up in time.

Here’s what I need.  Four people (more is better) willing to take orders and pitch in and work quickly to set up the house.  I need you for 2.5 hours from 3:30 to 6pm on Halloween.  I promise to cut you loose at 6pm so you can make your own parties or take your kids on their annual candy begging tour.  (Or bring the kids over, the neighborhood is awesome for Trick or Treating)

The plan is for Jim and I to work all morning, rain or shine, doing the hard stuff.  We need people to throw at the haunt in the afternoon to do the easy, but time consuming, stuff.  It will involve hanging curtains, hanging plastic, lifting sheets of cardboard and other simple but vital tasks.  And in the end, you’ll get our eternal gratitude and can claim you helped build Huntsville’s best yard haunt.

So pitch in, will ya?  Help a haunter out.

Email me at totalriot13 at mac dot com and let me know you can help.  That goes straight to my phone, and I’ll respond ASAP.  The haunt is set up in south Huntsville near the Wal Mart.

Thanks in advance.