My Note To Carol


I’ll never forget the first time we met.  The look on your face was priceless.  You took in my 6’3″ frame full with 500+ pounds of blubber and folds and just shook your head.  How were you gonna turn that mountain into a baker?

It was 2001 and the play was Christmas Carol.  My part, the baker.  Your part?  Finding me a costume.

You did it.

Then, you did it again a few years later when I became one of three trolls in The Hobbit.

Then you gave me a wonderful gift.  You taught me to sew.  You gave me a skill I still use and showed me how that mysterious machine my grandmother sat at worked.  Now I have my own machine.  And my own people to sew for.  Thank you for that happiness.

We shared something special, you and I.  No, we were never “close.”  Not like that bond you have with so many other theater people.  But we had a shared event, a shared pain and a shared gift.  I’ll never forget your kindness and encouragement when a very small and fragile Sean showed up backstage at The Hobbit, expecting me to take care of him for the rest of his childhood.  You knew what that was like, and you shared your own stories with me.  You touched me with those stories, and your care and affection for the child stuck backstage, unexpectedly.

So Carol, who gave so much to this community and to me and my family, I can only say thanks.  And goodbye.  And godspeed on this, your final journey.  For whatever else may be true, you’ve left us.  Left pain, left sorrow and left us behind.  And as you move on to your new place, I hope the peace you shared with us during life will find it’s way back to us in your death.

Godspeed, sweet lady.  Rest well.  You’ve more than earned it.

Yesterday, Carol Morris passed away.  She was Huntsville’s best costumer and just an all around great lady.  I can’t begin to guess the number of people she put into a costume, made a special dress for, or otherwise took care of at Fantasy Playhouse.  I know times are tough, but if you see a pretty dress… think of Carol.  If you knew her, think of giving a bit to Fantasy in her memory.

I’m not the only one that will be missing her.  While the comments on facebook are growing, here a few links to blogs saying goodbye.  If you know of another, put it in the comments and I’ll add it here.

Sarah Lena says goodbye…

I played a fairy godmother in a show where the costumer.. for whatever reason.. outsourced my costume.  Carol jumped in to make it for me.  We talked about her daughter’s wedding, her new grandbaby, all of the things that she was excited about.  I loved talking to her about her life.  She was just easy and loving.

One thought on “My Note To Carol

  1. Well said Mike. It was your off handed request “Hey you know how to do costumes… wanna be my costumer for Christmas Carol” ?”
    Little did I know what I had gotten myself into. The scope of the project would have overwhelmed me if it hadn’t been for Carol Morris. I kept hearing that she wanted to slow down and that ws one of the reasons that she wasn’t doing the show. Slow down??? I can only hope I slow down at that rate. She was so helpful in letting me know how Fantasy presented A Christmas Carol. But she was also very encouraging to the small changes Mike and I wanted to do.
    Later when I was doing my own show Carol and her team of friends came in and helped out when I felt overwhelmed by the scope of the project.
    Carol we will miss you. Thanks for being a part of our theater lives.

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