A Door Closes, A Window Opens

I had my hopes pinned on the potential for a job.  It was a discussion, very brief, of the possibilities.  The person I was talking to wanted it, but it didn’t work out on their end.  The job was right up my alley and something I wanted to do.

But the guy’s staff didn’t like the result.  So as they closed that door, one of his staffers opened a window.  It’s not a sure thing, but the window is open and I have a chance.  And even if this window opens, it’s the first time I feel validated since I lost my job.  Obviously there are a few political nuances that are keeping me vague, but the difference a chance makes in my outlook is tremendous.

So I’m feeling good and celebrating with a milkshake.  Amazing how quickly your outlook can change.

But that’s not all I’ve got going on.  I’m excited about Geek Palaver, a new blog site that while available isn’t really running yet, but will be.  It’s a group of geeks that plan on talking about all kinds of interesting stuff, and I hope to grow that.  I’m still working on Beyond The Boards, and the response to it continues to grow.  And there are other freelance gigs brewing.  Suddenly it seems a lot less hopeless.

I also attended a meeting of WEDC today.  I was an invited guest since the group was honoring my mother-in-law.  While I expecting to be depressed following it, I was uplifted!  It was a moving meeting full of surprises, including the announcement that the educational scholarship in Mary’s name is almost fully funded.

So today is a good day.  A door closed, but a window opened.


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