The Best Story Never Told

I’ve got a story.

But I can’t tell you about it.  It would be wrong to do.  I got the story honestly and openly, and everyone who talked with me knew that I both do a blog and do a podcast.  And the story is directly related to the subject of one of my blogs and totally the subject of my podcast.  So everyone who spoke to me knew they were speaking, for all intents and purposes, on the record.

It really is a great story.  It has drama.  It has anger.  It has all the hallmarks of a worthy story to tell.  And I WILL tell it, in the right venue to the right people.  But not here.  Not on the blog it relates to.  And not on my podcast.

Its an odd feeling.  As a journalist (and I really was one once), I’m finding it hard to swallow.  The story is worth telling, but the telling isn’t worth what it will do to real people.  So I’m not going to tell it.

Can you tell that it is eating me up?  That I want to share it?  I knew you could.

But right now, the story isn’t over.  There is a potential that the story, which isn’t happy right now, will end on a very happy note eventually.  So instead of telling the tragic tale now, which could jeopardize the happy ending later, I’m not going to say anything.

Except, it is a really great story.

But there is another story I can tell.  It’s not as good, but it is very happy and very full of drama.  I’ll go into more detail at Beyond The Boards, both in the blog and the podcast.

As the story has been told to me, Huntsville High School was disqualified from competition in the Alabama Conference of Theater’s(ACT) Trumbauer festival on Wednesday.  Mike Chappel, the amazing head of that group of kids, didn’t like the answers he got as to why his kids were disqualified.  So he appealed.  On Thursday, the students put on their fundraiser for the trip to state competition not knowing if they were going.  I watched the fundraiser, which included a production of their show, a cut down version of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.  It was truly wonderful, and I’ll gush more about it over at Beyond The Boards.

The happy news is that on Friday, Chappel got a call from the director of Trumbauer saying the board of ACT said he’d won his appeal, Huntsville High School was back in competition.  And I think that they may just be heading for a repeat of last year’s win of the event.

So Kudos to the kids at Huntsville High School for a job well done, under stressful and emotional circumstances.  The show was amazing, you deserve your shot at the title.  Again.  And I, for one, hope you bring it home.

And trust me.  Saying that is hard.  After all, I is a Grissom Graduate.

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