Running On Empty, and a Funny Story

I’m running on empty today.  It’s been a long week, with the parade in the middle.  (I forgot to mention it earlier, but we had to wait 2+ hours to start moving on the parade, with 50 kids from Cub Scout troop 359.  They were good as gold the entire time.  Amazing) Today I’ve got a cub scout skating party.  I’m not really sure I’m up for it.

Russell on the LadderNow yesterday, I must share, that I had one of the most interesting things happen.  My friend Russell needed help getting a tree limb down.  Of course, not just any tree limb but a broken one that was about the size of a tree itself.

After a few failed methods, we finally got a working one.  Which ultimately involved pulling it down with a rope.  When it game down from about 35 feet above us, it landed big end first and implanted itself into the ground.  Boom.  It was a pretty amazing site.  It was like we’d just planted a tree.

Only, this tree didn’t stay planted.  The weight quickly snapped the part underground, and ever so slowly the new tree, which was itself over two stories tall, slowly tumbled over.

Right at us.

Before slamming into Russell’s deck.  Which, I may have mentioned, was RIGHT AT US.

It missed me by a hair’s length.  Literally.  The branch brushed the hairs on my arm as it fell and we jumped out of the way.  It smashed up the stairs on deck pretty good.  But the limb is down.

It was exciting.  And at times a little crazy.  I’ll not talk about the running chain saw on the end of a 30 foot rope.  Oops, I just did. Sorry Laurel.


5 thoughts on “Running On Empty, and a Funny Story

  1. Yeah, or at least a photo diagram of the set-up that worked (chain-saw on a rope??) Scott follows a photo-blog, “There, I Fixed It” ( (sorry I’m not linky). Sounds like your sub-continental engineering would fit right in!

  2. He’s making it sound more dramatic than it was . . . An inch is as good as a mile in a miss.

    It was pretty when it was falling in slow motion though. So pretty that I didn’t feel any need to get out of it’s way.

    Thanks for the help Mike. I couldn’t have done it without you.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure about that . . . I’ve never cut anything off before . . .

        (Well, there was the tip of my middle finger in college, but that had nothing to do with a chain saw! Just a meat slicer and disgusting tomatoes!)

        I think there’s inspiration there for next halloween . . .

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