Stop and Go Traffic

Wow.  NaBloPoMo has made a huge difference here at Running Wolf.  I’ve noticed a significant increase in traffic since starting writing daily.  I suppose that’s the point, but I’m surprised anyway.

I’ve also seen a surge in traffic at Beyond The Boards, but I suppose having something controversial and a bit gossipy helped over there.  About the only place I’m not seeing a surge of traffic is Geek Palaver, but it’s new and we haven’t quite figured out what we’re doing over there yet.

As a result, I’ve gotten a few people who’ve commented in person about a post or two.  It’s been interesting to find out who’s reading the blog in real life as opposed to the (very) few comments I get here.  Not sure if that means I need to be careful what I write about or not.  In typical reckless abandon, I’ll probably not worry too much.

It’s been a fairly good weekend.  I’ve been spending a lot of time with the rugrats, having them to myself both Friday and Saturday night.  That was, for the most part, fun.  There was the one fist fight, but I ended it without bloodshed.  And with real fights being pretty rare, I’ll chalk it up to my having feed them really good ice cream earlier.

I also got to hang out with some pretty amazing people over the weekend.  The cast and crew of Christmas Belles had enough drama offstage to compete with the drama onstage that no one could blame them if they didn’t want to hang out together away from the venue.  But they overcame the drama and put on their show and hung out for some good fellowship and karaoke.  I didn’t know many of them, and not being a part of the show they didn’t need to include me, but they did and I’m glad.

So a good weekend.  I’m about to go to bed early for a change, then it’s back into the job hunt.  We’ll have to see how that goes next week, but I’m sure it will provide plenty of fodder for the various blogs.