Devoid of thought

I’m currently feeling fairly devoid of thought.  I wrapped up a story over at Beyond the Boards, I’ve played with the Zombies over at Geek Palaver, and I’ve even done a little freelance writing.  So my brain is pretty empty right now.  No great insights are coming to me today.  No wonderful messages to scribe.  Just another morning sipping coffee and looking through the job sites.

So instead of insightful, I’ll give you lists.

Things you should do this weekend:

Go see Christmas Belles at the VBC Playhouse.
Go see White Christmas at Lee High School.
Go see Mama Mia at the VBC Concert Hall.
Hug a child.
Kiss a friend.
Help someone do something unpleasant but necessary.
Make a baby laugh.
Contact someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

And if you’re really lucky, as I discovered on Twitter, you might even find someone inappropriately and unknowingly exposed in their Facebook pictures and can share it with them, preventing them future embarrassment.  And you can do it with absolutely no snark, and become one of my heros. Or you can do it with lots of snarks, and become one of my best gossip buddies.  Your choice.


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