How many Engineers does it take?

So, how many engineers does it take to put up a Christmas Tree?

Apparently just one, who finally reads the directions.  The other 4 non-engineer men where just there to snark at him.  Of course, as payback for my snark, I had to put the lights on the tree myself.

Which is fine, really.  That’s how Christmas should be, after all.  Time with friends and family, and time alone.  Or at least, that’s what I think.

Speaking of time alone, our church is sponsoring a workshop called “Hope for the Holidays.”  I’ll have more on it in the next few days, but if you have someone who is grieving, then this might help.  Stay tuned for more information.  (I love saying that, like I’m all important or something.)


2 thoughts on “How many Engineers does it take?

  1. New tree? Cool! (Home or elsewhere?) Not sure how many years are left in our plastic tree, but I’ll be glad to hear recommendations/warnings to keep in mind for the future. I don’t think “reusable” Christmas tree are often tested at Consumer Reports. (Artificial, nuthin’! If you deck your halls with it, it’s a REAL Christmas tree, even if it doesn’t compost.)

    • No, this was a tree at church.

      We used to do a “hanging of the greens” service where the whole church came together and decorated, but we don’t anymore. Instead, they bought lunch and a few stayed to do the decorating.

      I was in charge of the “Children’s Tree.”

      It needs to be replaced. With a fold out tree with attached lights. And a wheeled base, so we can just push it into a closet at the end of the year.

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