5 Years Ago Today

Man, I’m brain dead today. I haven’t been able to think straight cause I’ve got a bit of a stuffy nose and the meds make me feel all loopy and stuff. But I’ve also been kinda just not thinking. Immersed in a book, as it were. And I gotta tell you, it feels good NOT to think.

Sometimes I think we all think to much. Not enough smelling of the roses. Not enough quiet contemplation. I’d forgotten how nice it is to sit in a comfortable chair and lose yourself in someone else’s story. Or to just actively not think about stuff.

I suppose if you’re new age, that’s called meditation. Or maybe it’s old age, but I really think I need to try to get to that point daily. Cause, while all my problems didn’t go away, they don’t seem as insurmountable anymore. And I get to look at them fresh. Or at least, fresher.

So yea… I’m brain dead today. And yes, I’m loving it.