Deacon Family Suppers

Deacon Family Suppers are a tradition at my church.  It’s a massive pot luck dinner that the Deacon’s organize and almost everyone attends.  And my first one as a Deacon is coming up this weekend.

I only have one thing to say about that.


Okay, that’s not really what I have to say.  That’s really the code that Technorati insists I publish to “claim” my blog.  What I really have to say is that I’m looking forward to it, even if it is he Sunday after Thanksgiving.  I have visions of left over turkey and pumpkin pies being served, which isn’t a bad thing since no one in my family is cooking and we won’t have any leftovers.

But as one of the duties of a Deacon prior to such a dinner is contacting their deacon families and finding out how many people are coming.  So I’ve left messages all over town (literally!) and am waiting to hear back.

It’s funny how much you can take for granted.  I’ve been going to these dinners for 40 years (almost) and I’ve never once thought of how they occur.  The level of planning, distribution of duties, and so on have eluded me all these years.

Now I’m a cog in the big wheel, that makes things work and flow.  It’s an interesting change.