The Princess and the Frog, a Review

I’ve been to see Disney’s Princess and the Frog.  I have a four year old daughter, so what do you expect.  Her review is it was the most awesome awesomeness EVAH!  Me, not so much.

Look, I grew up on Disney.  I don’t want to bad mouth the mouse.  I’m a fanboy.  I love the Pixar stuff.  I love the old school Disney animations.

I’m not a big fan of the whole “Disney Princess” concept, but I get the marketing behind it.  With the aforementioned 4 year old girl, the Disney Princess concept isn’t exactly promoting the most healthy of body images.  But I get it.  Little girls want to be princesses.  Little boys want to be…  not princesses.

So, in no particular order, here are the things I had trouble with:

  • Tiana was another in the long line of impossible female images that my daughter will look up to and attempt to emulate.  Thankfully there wasn’t a “specific” dress this time that seemed to be associated with “Princess” Tiana.
  • The Shadow Man seemed a little stereotypical to me.
  • The story seemed a bit forced.  It wasn’t as flowing as other princess stories.  Cinderella for instance.
  • I didn’t walk away humming a tune.

Now this isn’t to say I didn’t like parts of it.  Overall, it wasn’t awful.  So since I did the bad, here’s the good.

  • There isn’t any really negative stereotype of women.  Okay, the one friend is a little vapid, but in the end, she turns out pretty damn good.
  • The Shadow Man’s “friends on the other side” were creepy.  Delightfully creepy.  LOVED THEM!
  • For some reason I liked the goofy alligator.  And the firefly.  And his girlfriend.
  • The candle was in the window.  Which is code, for it has the expected happy ending.  Disney movies should always have the happy ended.  It’s a rule.

My son liked the movie too.  I think he liked Planet 51 more.  But he did enjoy this new Disney movie.