That sinking feeling…

So we ordered a bunch of stuff from a new online retailer.  We’d heard good things and they had good prices, but we had no experience with them.  So we ordered early, giving them plenty of time to ship our product prior to christmas.  We changed or order to make sure that everything was listed as IN STOCK.  We got exactly what the recipient wanted.

We immediatly got an email saying thanks for the order, it would be shipping shortly.  I then got an email saying that one of the items was shipped.  Then another email saying the same item had been shipped.  Then an email saying an item was backordered.  Then an email that a third item shipped.

So I’m already a little upset.  I got two emails saying one item was shipped, which is worrisome.  I got an item backordered, but no panic yet.  And I got the last item shipped.

So a box was on my doorstep today.  Yea!

It was the third item.  No sign of the first.  And the other… still back order… even though the site says it’s in stock, just like it said when we ordered.

So I send them an email.  And notice a number.  Which I call.  And after a hold time of forever, I get a human.  The human says that the first item (which was shipped before the third item) isn’t “late” until Wednesday.  If we don’t get it wednesday, they will upgrade and reship two day to get it to us before Christmas.  The second item is allegedly boxed and already sent to the shipper.  Which we “MAY” get before Christmas, but probably a “day or two” after.

I’m not really happy.  If I get an email tomorrow saying the backordered one is shipped, I’ll consider it fair.  If I don’t have both an email saying item two is shipped and the actual product of item one (confused yet?  I am) I’ll be calling back and won’t be nearly as friendly this time.

I’ll not share WHO this is, just yet.  If they come through, I’ll use their name and be positive about them.  If they don’t, you better believe I’ll post their name and be really negative.

But what about you?  How’s your online holiday shopping going?  Stick with a well known entity?  What’s your shopping strategy online?


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