Online Shopping Follow Up

Alright…  If you read my earlier post on my online shopping experience this Christmas, great.  If not, here’s a quick recap and update on the situation.

I ordered three items from a website I’d not tried before.  At the time  I ordered them, everything was in stock.

Item 1 shipped on Dec. 4th
Item 2 shipped on Dec. 9th
Item 3 went on backorder Dec. 5th.

Item 2 arrived Dec. 14th.
Item 1 arrived Dec. 15th.
Item 3 shipped Dec. 15th.  Estimated arrival is Dec. 24th-29th.

Why three items that were all “in stock” shipped on such wildly different dates is beyond me.  I’m greatly disappointed in the way it is turning out, but what do I really expect using a “deep discount” place to do my shopping?

I imagine that this is a place that has warehouse space in different parts of the country, and ships from those places.  So getting three shipments for three vastly different kinds of merchandise shouldn’t be surprising.   But to get them so oddly spread out, in both shipping and arrival, makes me uneasy.  I’m not sure I’ll use this company again, even though the prices were really very very good.  And the shipping was free.  But the headache and wait hasn’t been worth it.  Not when I could use a big online retailer, like Amazon, and know I’ll be getting my product when I was told, and shipped within hours not days of my order.


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  1. OK…Is this a new site or have they been around for a while….. and exactly what are your expectations givin’ that it is the Holiday shipping season?

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