The “New” Mac

Well, for those who hadn’t heard…  A friend accidently spilled hot tea on my Mac.  Killed it dead.  But they sent it off for repair and it came back.  Here’s the skinny.

It got sent off on Friday.  It came back today.  Only a look at the timeline didn’t make sense.  It arrived into the repair facility on Monday at 8pm or so.  It left the repair facility, which is in Memphis, at 10pm.  That’s two hours from check in to packaged and shipped out.

I found it hard to believe that in two hours they managed to completely gut my MacBook Pro and replace everything inside, including cloning the hard drive.  According to the repair form, everything was to be replaced.  Everything.  Logic Board, Drives, Display, memory, fan, speaker, everything.

I got a call this morning and was told the new machine should be delivered today.  So I started tracking it.  When I found out how little time was spent at the repair facility, I figured something was wrong.  Don’t get me wrong, a talented tech could get it done pretty darn quick.  But two hours from check in to check out?  Come on.  That’s insane.

So I left my Father-in-law to sign for the delivery as I ran errands.  But I downloaded the FedEx app to my iPhone to track it.  At 3:45 I noticed that the package had not been delivered, but returned to the distribution facility because no one answered the door.  Don’t know if my father-in-law fell asleep or what, but there is no way the driver rang the bell and he didn’t hear it.  So I imagine the driver knocked, waited a split second, and hurried on with all his other deliveries.

So I called and found out where I could pick it up.  I rushed out there (If you’re wondering, it’s out in Madison) during rush hour traffic to get the thing.  I have SOOOO missed my Mac.  I needed it back.

I picked up the box, rushed back to the car and opened it straight away.  And the first thing I noticed is there was no way it was my Mac.  Dread filled me.  It was NOT my Macintosh.  How’d I know?

Two things.  My son dropped a flashlight on the top.  Small dent, little scratch, but no damage to the insides.  The dent wasn’t there.  Okay, they did say they were replacing the screen, maybe they just replaced the whole thing, cover and all.  Makes sense.  So I flipped it over to where the serial number was etched onto the bottom.  My mac had a 6 inch scratch, a serious deep one, across the bottom where I slid it someplace once.  I hated it, but hey, it didn’t effect the operation at all so what do you do.

The scratch is gone.

So there is no way that this is my mac.  They shipped me the wrong unit.

But wait…  the serial number matches.  That’s right, my Mac’s serial number is on this Mac’s case.  Missing scratches and dents and all.

So I check the battery meter, and it’s got a full charge.  So I open it up and fire it up.  Bong.  That lovely Mac sound.  Then up pops MY user log in screen.  Mine.  With the two accounts set up on it.  So I log into my account, and presto.  There’s all my stuff.

All of it.

Just like it was prior to the “Tea Incident of 2009.”

Except the screen is pristine.  The keyboard is immaculate.  There is still tape on the footies.  THIS IS A BRAND SPANKING NEW MAC.  Wow!

So It’s like the day I bought it.  Beautiful.  Pristine.  A Mac.  Oh how lovely!  It’s perfect… only with ALL MY STUFF ALREADY ON IT.

I’m happy.

Here’s what I figure happened.  They ripped the old hard drive out and sent the rest to recycle.  They grabbed a blank MacBook Pro, and they cloned my drive onto it.  They knew my configuration, they already had it.  So pulling in a new blank MacBook was easy.  Clone my drive, power it down, box it up and ship it back.  Probably took the tech longer to pull the old drive out than to clone the new drive.  Heck, maybe they put the old drive in.  Doesn’t matter.

Apple tends to know how to treat customers.  I’m happy, heck I’m blogging about it ain’t I?

Now, about the “dark days” between Friday and now, when I got back on my Mac.

I kind friend (Thanks Russ!) lent me a laptop he wasn’t using.  It was a top of the line Lenovo ThinkPad.  Really sweet machine.  Loaded with bells and whistles.  And Windows Vista.

Now this isn’t an anti-windows post.  Windows is fine, really.  Vista even was stable and usable.  But it just wasn’t my Mac.  I had to think to much to accomplish anything.  But I have to say, for a PC laptop, this one was well thought out.

First, the keyboard was awesome.  Had I not spent months getting used to this silly mac keyboard, with the miles of space between each key and the very short throw each key has, I’d have fallen in love with that keyboard.  It was like an old IBM keyboard, with nice clicks and full sized keys.  I loved that keyboard.  Except…

It wasn’t backlit like my Mac.  Didn’t realize how much I used that.  Now it did have an interesting feature to make up for it.  It had a little light right next to the camera at the top of the screen that was angled to shine right on the keys.  It was okay, as far as it went.  In a truly dark setting, like I tend to compute in, instead of helping the shadows from your hands obscured the keys.  Now I’m a touch typist usually, but I do glance down more than occasionally to check my fingers.  That bothered me.  I really began to miss my Mac Keyboard, with all it’s other shortcomings.

And the applications on that thing.  Even with installing firefox (I’m happy to say I never once fired up IE) all it did was make me miss my Safari.  Yea, I could have installed Safari on it, but somehow I don’t think it would have been the same.  I just missed the feel of my Mac.  I’m sure it is a comfort thing, as I’m sure that I could have gotten used to and even learned to enjoy the PC.

Even with the larger screen (The Lenovo was a 15 inch, I’m happily on my 13 inch now) I just missed my Mac.  It’s the perfect size.  Small enough to be really truly portable, large enough to be comfortable.  And the trackpad!  So large and useful, and with the finger gestures built in.  Not to mention iLife, my apps, and my videos…

So yea, I guess I’m sold on Macs.  It would be almost impossible to send me back to the PC world.  Not impossible, since I happen to know there is a 10.1″ netbook under the tree with Windows 7 on it I’ll be taking care of, but while my wife will be happy on her netbook, I’ll stick to my Mac.

To each his (or her) own, I say.  If you love your PC, and it does what you want…  more power to you.  Me, I’m so much more productive with my Mac.