Apple’s Tablet

I decided to get in on the hype and talk a bit about Apple’s rumored upcoming tablet.  I have absolutely no inside information on what the tablet is, if it is really coming, or anything else.  But I have a few ideas about the tablet, and am going to make a few predictions.

I’ve read a good deal about how the new tablet is going to be an iPhone on steroids, and frankly I don’t buy it.  While plenty of people, myself included, have nearly replaced there generic computer needs with an iPhone, such as simple web browsing, email and social networking, the iPhone isn’t a computer replacement.  Not even close.  The tablet has to be something more.

It’s going to be big.  No, not Cinema display big, but no one is going to replace the small, sleek iPhone with a ten inch screen version, no matter how much beefier the OS.  Nor will such a large device replace an iPod.  The iPhone is of a size to make the need for both an iPod and an phone, and I use it this way.  So, in a sense, the iPhone is already an iPod on steroids, so the idea that the tablet is an iPhone on steroids is unlikely to me.

It’s not just going to be an e-reader of some sort.  Amazon has the book market sewn up.  I’d be more likely to believe it will work with Kindle, or have a Kindle app, like the iPhone.  But if it is an e-content device, it will be something new.  More than just a book/newspaper replacement.

It’s going to be cheap, at least in terms of Apple pricing structure.  From everything I’ve seen, this is not going to be a full on computer, so it won’t be competing with the MacBook line.  It’s going to be “something different.”

And that’s what I think is important to remember.  Apple didn’t invent the portable music player, they invented a whole new market niche with the iPod.  They didn’t invent the simplistic computer, but they revolutionized it with the iMac.  And we all know they didn’t invent the cell phone, but they sure changed the game with the iPhone.  So whatever the tablet from Apple is, it won’t be something already out there.   It will define a new market.

With that said, here are my predictions.

  1. It will be under $900 dollars.  Most likely $799 and $899.
  2. It will have a 10″ screen that blows the iPhone screen away, which is saying something.
  3. It will be full of gesture driven technology.
  4. It will run all of the iPhone/iPod touch apps out of the box.
  5. A new store will be developed to support it.
  6. New content agreements will be announced with the device, further expanding the store.
  7. It will have wifi, cellular and bluetooth, but not be connected with a carrier like AT&T.
  8. It probably won’t have a camera built in.
  9. It will have an amazing battery that is hardwired into the unit like the iPhone, iPods and MacBook’s.
  10. It will revolutionize the way tablet computers will be used.

And finally, and most importantly, it will “just work.”

I have one fear.  While the iPhone was an amazing device from the gate, it really wasn’t “finished” till the iPhone 3G with OS 3.0 came about.  Prior to that, the phone was crippled.  I hope that Apple doesn’t repeat that with the tablet, and releases a “finished” product.  No one else has anything nearly as revolutionary coming down the pipe.  Everyone is too busy playing catch up with the iPhone.  So the time is ripe for Apple to introduce a new game-changing device.

Here’s to hoping.  I’ll revisit this after the announcement and see how well I did.


2 thoughts on “Apple’s Tablet

    • I think you’re right… sort of.

      Apple is heavily invested in the touch concept. And let’s face it, hands down in test after test Apple’s iPod Touch and iPhone wins best touch input. So I can’t imagine the tablet will be any different, and handwriting recognition will be a part of that.

      However, I read a patent today that Apple has on a pretty impressive stylus. I think a stylus input will be a part of the equation, however I think it will not be required. instead it will be an option. I think most people will feel comfortable, and holding a tablet while writing with a pen is natural. Waiters do it all the time. And people have thousands years with a pen of some sort. So people will be wanting a stylus, I think.

      But yea, handwriting without one is going to be an option. And, I’m hoping for one heck of touch keyboard. I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t actually allow near touch typing.

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