The iPad. How’d I do?

Alright, so I put myself out there and made my own predictions on Apple’s new tablet, the iPad.  Here’s how I did.

  1. It will be under $900 dollars.  Most likely $799 and $899.
    1. I’m claiming correct on this one.  The iPad pricing is as follows:  $499 for the 16gig model and $599 for the 32gig and $699 for the 64 gig.  Adding 3G is another $130. The 16gig model is kinda small for what all it is designed to do, so really for the iPad I was envisioning, the pricing is $729 and $829.  Not bad, Mike.
  2. It will have a 10″ screen that blows the iPhone screen away, which is saying something.
    1. Okay, it’s a 9.7 inch screen.  Which for all real purposes is a ten inch.  I’m claiming victory here.  It looks nice a big for a device without a keyboard.
  3. It will be full of gesture driven technology.
    1. No brainer.  Okay so that one was easy, but seriously…  What Jobs showed on the stage makes this device look amazing.  Like using it would be absolutely natural… even more so than the iPhone.
  4. It will run all of the iPhone/iPod touch apps out of the box.
    1. Bingo!  Nailed it!  In fact, it can run them one of two ways.  In native view mode, where the iPhone app looks just like on the iPhone in the center of the screen, or in double pixel mode so that the app fills the screen.  Both look great.
  5. A new store will be developed to support it
    1. I’m not sure about this one.  It’s a 50-50.  The iTunes music store is “built in” so that just like the iPhone, the store is based on that.  But there is clearly going to be a app store and content just for the iPad.  So yes, a new store inside the old one.  Just like the iPhone.
  6. New content agreements will be announced with the device, further expanding the store.
    1. Not only was content agreements announced, but displayed.  Books available via the iTunes store.  Newspapers, Major League Baseball.  More to come.
  7. It will have wifi, cellular and bluetooth, but not be connected with a carrier like AT&T.
    1. Oops.  It will have WIFI.  It will have Cellular with G3.  It will have bluetooth.  But it will be only AT&T.  But the plan with AT&T is no contract and affordable.  $29.99 for unlimited.  $14.99 for limited.  50% here.
  8. It probably won’t have a camera built in.
    1. It does not.  SCORE!  So this is the first portable computer from Apple in a while that can pass security at Army Bases.  And won’t freak out corporate security.
  9. It will have an amazing battery that is hardwired into the unit like the iPhone, iPods and MacBook’s.
    1. Right again!  10 hours of active use, weeks on standby.  Outta the park!
  10. It will revolutionize the way tablet computers will be used.
    1. I suppose this is yet to be discovered, but I’m thinking I’m right.  This raises the bar on how people will use the internet.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions.  For one, I haven’t read anything on handwriting recognition, and I had really hoped that the ability to do handwritten notes would be there.  Also, no mention of business apps.  I know that the Apple retail stores now have iPod Touch with credit card readers for point of sale.  This iPad could  become a fantastic point of sale machine that doubles as ad display and lots of other devices.

Whatever else, this is the beginning of the redefinition of portable computing.  I’m not convinced yet that Apple hit it out of the park, but it is a standing triple.  And if the rest of the computing world does like they did with the iTunes music store and the iPhone/iPod touch…  Apple will be stealing home.

BTW, my final score?  9 out of 10.  Not bad.