Love to the Southern Fried

This is a post that is simply hogging for free stuff.  But if you aren’t watching Southern Fried Snark, then you guys are whack.  I finally caught them live, which is the best way to watch, and this show and it’s chat room is totally off the hook.

Sarah and Ronda take snarking to a whole new level.  This is not your typical webcast.  For one thing, the production values rock.  I don’t know what they use (but I’m dying to find out) but the show is just amazing.  It looks great, it sounds great and the members in the chatroom make the show even more fun.

Tonight the girls talked about everything from bacon to breast milk to non-latex condoms.  You can never guess where the show may go, but it always goes somewhere interesting and fun.  It’s simply the best hour on the internet.

So go to Southern Fried Snark every Tuesday and Thursday at 9pm central.  It’s well worth your time and bandwidth.