The Pinewood Derby

My son has entered himself in the Pack 359 Pinewood Derby.  He designed and built himself quite the car, with a little bit of help from his proud poppa.  In honor of his first derby, we made a little video.  Wanna see it?  Here it goes.

We wanted to number the car 42, but found out we’d be getting our numbers at the race.  (We’re 15.)  So in a nod to the number 42, and since he’d decided to paint it gold… well, we named it The Heart of Gold.

If you don’t get the reference, then you’ve never had a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.  And probably didn’t vote for Zaphod Bebblebrox.  Which is a shame.  Cause he’s just this guy, you know?


2 thoughts on “The Pinewood Derby

  1. Looks sleek! I know y’all had a blast (literally?? fire???) I remember my brother’s car; my dad used steel wool to smooth the axles & then lubed them with graphite. He also added to the weight of the car by drilling out for “pipes” in the back & gluing in oval fishing weights, and chiseling out a patch in the bottom of the car to glue in a small steel plate (washers another year). These were painted like the car, but not concealed, so anyone could see that they were added; as far as I know, the “modifications” were allowed 30 years ago (egads!)

    I do hope the boy did NOT have a celebratory Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster; the whale, however, will need a double.

    • We also have fishing weights and other lead products stuffed in the car. And I’ve learned a lot talking with the other dads. Imagine that! Engineers knowing how to make them go fast.

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