For the past two months, I’ve been building a set for Theatre Huntsville.  I’m rather proud of the set, and you all should come and see the show.

In the process of building the set, I worked long days, mostly alone, swinging platforms that way upwards of 100 pounds and are 8 feet long all over a building full of tools and sharp objects.  I would swing 2×4’s of various lengths around the shop, chopping them up with one of several saws.  I pushed sheets of lumber through table saws, drilled holes, drove screws of various lengths into a multitude of wood.  I even built a jig, used the jig to build 10 roof trusses and then slung those trusses… by myself… onto the top of a set of walls 9 feet tall.

I tell you these things not to impress you, or brag, or in any way bring praise to myself.  I tell you all this because I want you to understand the risks I took.  I did so much of this alone, with no one in the shop with me (a big no-no) and often with most of my friends completely unaware of what I was doing.

Now don’t think I wasn’t careful.  I was.  When I had to destroy a prop using a sledge hammer, I actually called the president of the troupe and told her to check on me.  She did.  I was exceedingly careful with the saws.  I knew I was being somewhat risky, but I was also very aware of the risk.

So that’s why what happened yesterday is so annoying.  So I need to cut some fence posts.  I set up the saw and needed an extension cord.  It was on the set.  I went and unplugged it.  Then it happened.

I hit my head.

That’s not fair enough.  It doesn’t really explain what happened.

I hit my head so hard I saw stars and little blue birds.

I staggered for a minute, but thought I was okay.  I started back across the set.  My head REALLY hurt.  I pressed my hand to the hurt part, and it felt a bit wet.  I pulled my hand away and it was a nice shade of red.

Next thing I knew I was on my back on the floor.  The show producer and the show director were there (thank God) and heard me yell something obscene.  They found me on the floor bleeding all over my freshly painted set.  First aide was applied, and I got a ride home.

Damn it hurt.

By that evening I had a splitting headache. One of those “OH MY GOD THE LIGHT HURTS” kinds of headaches.  I’m pretty sure I had a mild concussion.  I know I had a bump the size of a golf ball.  And a scab.  And this nasty amount of dried blood in my hair.  It was pretty gross.

Today was a bit better.  I didn’t fight the sleep that I fought last night.  I got some rest that I probably needed without the consideration of the bump on my head.  But tonight… ouch.  It’s hurting again.  I think I’ll go lie down someplace very dark.

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