Skittles Vodka… Sounds good but messy…

Okay, I tried to make Skittles Vodka.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s an infusion.  You take a flavorless drink, in this case Vodka, and make it flavorful by infusing it with flavor from something, in this case skittles.

Skittles VodkaNow it looks lovely.   Since you separate the Skittles before you do the infusion, the resultant vodka is a nearly opaque liquid of vivid color.  The Skittles taste, either Grape, Strawberry, Lime, Lemon or Orange, is quite strong.  It’s also quite sweet.

There is a problem.  It’s not as easy as just dropping in the Skittles into vodka and taking a sip.  The Skittles must dissolve.  That takes time.  About a day, in fact.  And the result… isn’t pleasant.

You see, Skittles are held together with things like Dextrin and other enzymes and food glues.  These are harmless, and perhaps even beneficial (some say dextrin promotes healthy bacteria in your gut), but in liquid, it turns into a sticky gummy mess.  And all that sticky gummy mess has to be filtered out of the vodka before final bottling.  Which in itself is a sticky mess.

So I spent hours last night running vodka after vodka through coffee filters and strainers, getting as much of that nastiness out that I could.  And I ended up with 5 12-ounce bottles of vodka in Skittles delectable flavors.

Okay, I have to be honest.  I’m not a Skittles fan.  So I found them pretty sicking sweet.  So I diluted them a bit with the left over vodka.  So I now have 5 16-oz bottles of a little less sickening sweet vodka in pretty Easter egg colors.

Okay, time for more honesty.  The Strawberry, Orange, Lime and Lemon are quite pretty.  The Grape is not.  Instead of being purple, it’s brown.  And not the lovely carmel brown of a soda, but a murky, muddy, purple-tinted brown of swamp mud.  Visually, it’s far less appealing than the other four.  And, of course, it’s my favorite.  If I don’t look at it.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.  I haven’t home-brewed beer in forever, and that takes weeks to months to do right.  This was a couple of nights work, and far cheaper.  Since you’re completely overpowering any taste the vodka may have, you can use the cheapest vodka available.  (Although I understand better vodka dissolves the Skittles better.)  I used the absolute cheapest vodka I found at the ABC Store.  (Which wasn’t, despite that last sentence, Absolut.  But my Skittles Lemon tastes better than Absolut Limon.)

As to how you drink it?  I’m not sure.  You couldn’t really mix it with anything flavorful.  I suspect making a screwdriver with the Orange Skittle Vodka would taste something like Donald Duck Orange Juice, which makes me shiver remember that fowl thing.  I’m not even sure what you might mix the grape with.  The Lime might go with a sour for a vodka margarita of some sort, but I’d think the lack of the Agave flavor might make that odd too.  I suppose the best thing to do is keep it cold (store it in the freezer) and use it for shots.  But do I really need 80 shots of Vodka?  I think not.

So I’ll probably take it to the cast party of Sound of Music .  After all, if I made beer, I’d share it.  That’s the point behind making beer after all.  So since this is a “homebrew” of sorts, I’ll probably share this as well.  Throw the bottles in a cooler and grab some cheap shot glasses from somewhere.  Dixie cups will do, I’m sure.  Theatre people aren’t known for caring too much about what they drink their alcohol from.

So that’s my latest project, although after a day in the freezer, more of the gummy stuff fell out of solution.  And I’ve currently got the stuff in plastic water bottles. (Except for the Strawberry.  I ran out of empty water bottles and ended up using an empty Gatorade bottle)  I’d like to find some nice glass flask style bottles with the spring tops, but have no idea where to find them.  I’d even make labels for them, and give them uber-cool names like…  well, if I find the bottles I’ll come up with the names.  I may try one more filter pass, but the thought of pouring them through coffee filters… again… seems almost unbearable.

So here’s where you come in…  know where I can find glass flask bottles in the 16oz range? (other than online) Or some other pretty, food safe, bottle with a good cap/top I can put the Vodka into?  That’s cheap, I’ve spent less than $20 on the vodka so far, so I don’t really want to double the cost with bottles.  And while you’re at it, any ideas on a name for the flavors?  Skittle Orange seems so common. Also, any ideas on a better way to filter?  I lined a funnel with coffee filters, and that was just… messy.

If you’ve a hankering to try making this yourself, there’s a great how-to at Mix That Drink.  While I initially used their 10 skittles per ounce of vodka, I think I’d cut back on that next time.  Or dilute it more.  I just find the Skittles taste a bit strong.  I’d also like to try other vodka infusions.  I’ve had cantaloupe vodka, which was YUMMY, but takes almost as long a brewing beer.  Cantaloupe is very mild, so it takes weeks of steeping and multiple cantaloupes to make.  I’ve already thought of using Cinnamon sticks.  Any other ideas?


5 thoughts on “Skittles Vodka… Sounds good but messy…

  1. For bottles, try Hobby Lobby, Pier 1, TJ Maxx or Marshals. If you’re up for the drive, your best bet would be Old Time Pottery.

    Filtering– for that I’d use a muslin-lined colander. I’ve used coffee filters for straining soup & things, and they just catch way too much, thus clogging too much & taking too long. (I want the fat in my chicken broth.) So I broke down & bought cheesecloth, and I still need to get some inexpensive muslin, too.

    Screaming Greenies
    Killer OJ (yes, I’m sick)
    (Red) #40
    Monster Mash

    Glad I could help with the non-toxic parts!

    Oh, then there’s always the traditional Vanilla Bean infusion (or any herb/spice), I’ve heard that Bacon-infused vodka is all the rage right now, and my mom once got some really small & sweet oranges that she popped in whole in a jar of vodka (that made great desert sauces!) but I guess any citrus peels will do.

    I’ll stop typing now.

  2. When I visited Minneapolis, my BF at the time took me to this REALLY swanky martini bar. They had vodka sitting in a sangria thingie (I’m sure it has a technical name, but it’s just that big ole glass pitcher with a spout) with pineapple rings layered in it. I asked for some in a drink and they only served it straight. IT WAS DIVINE. So yummy.

    Also, I’ve seen this done with Jolly Ranchers (for weddings, mainly) and THOSE mixed really well because you have flavors like Sour Apple.

  3. I was able to find the bottles at World Market and they were about $6 a piece. As for how to drink it, one of the bars here has Skittle bombs. You mix a shot of the vodka with some Red Bull and you have a Skittle bomb!

  4. So my suggestion to you is not to use coffe filters. Use cheese cloth. It’s used in lots if food preparations especially as a screen for liquids. You may have to pass it through a few times but it is friendlier then coffe filters. You can find it in the grocery stores. The bottle or jars can be found at dollar stores that’s where I found mine.

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