The Mystery of the Blue

I had a very strange phone call today.  I was told that I lost the “blue” and needed to find it.  Seems one of the computers I’d set up at an elementary school wasn’t working, the monitor wouldn’t turn on.  And the city school hired tech made the determination that the monitor would turn on because the blue was missing.

What in the world is a “Blue?”

I went by to help, and try to figure out what a Blue was.  And see if I couldn’t get the monitor working.

I now know what a Blue is… it’s a VGA cable.

I have no idea how someone hired by the system to do tech services would come to call it a BLUE instead of a VGA cable, but there you go.

I also have no idea why this same person would remove the far superior DVI cable that was attached.

I reinstalled the DVI cable…  everything works.

There was, and still is not, a Blue.

And I get to hang my head in shame at the quality of technical support our Teachers are getting.


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