A Mishmash of thoughts

I’m going on vacation and haven’t written in a while, so this is pretty much a brain dump of things…

Drama sucks.

Okay, I admit I’m biased because I’m an adoptive parent, and truthfully Disney doesn’t have the best reputation among adoptive families, but I gotta tell ya I loved Prince of Persia, Sands of Time.  Great story, Great special effects and a positive adoptive family plotline.

On that note, Parkour rules.

I had new tires put on.  14 nails in the old ones.  WTF?

The Haunted House this year is gonna be creepy.  We’ve build fog chillers.  I’m psyched.

Didn’t do any gator hunting this year.  Now the season is over.  Damn. In fact, only went paddling a very few, precious times this year.

I was involved in three great plays at differing levels.  Kinda happy I’m back in theatre.  Kinda sad that it is as a techie.  That’s not true.  I love teching shows, but like most techies I secretly want to be on stage too.

Gotta get back to exercising.  I used to get my exercise from paddling several days a week.  Oops!

My brain is empty.  Your’s is probably confused, assuming you read this far.