A Haunting In Farmington

For fall break, me and the fam went to nowhere.  Or at least, as much of nowhere as we could still have indoor plumbing and internet access.  As a result, we found that Farmington, Missouri is perfect.  We’re staying at a nice little golf resort, and have absolutely no intention to do any golfing.

But the resort is nice, a bit in the rural section of town so it’s kind of like a fancy home out in the country.  Only instead of a farm, it’s a manicured golf course.

The kids slept in this morning.  I tried, but didn’t make it much past 8am.  We sort of toured Farmington, found some neat places to return on a non-Sunday.  For whatever reason, Farmington seems a little conservative.  They rolled the streets up at 8pm on Sunday, and we were in a restaurant when church let out and I thought we were going to see a riot.

But one thing we discovered as we cruised around town was three really spectacular yards full of scary Halloween decorations.  So, in no particular order except the order we found them, here are the three “haunted houses” we discovered around town today.

Haunted House Number One was actually discovered last night when we drove by as they had a party.  We drove by and they looked to be having a very good time.  The house was pretty impressive too.
There were three critters hanging out in the front yard and a few other pieces here or there.  Overall, a very nice house, but it didn’t hold up to the other two houses.

Haunted House #2 was quite a step up.  More critters, more scenes.  We drove by it during the day but it really stood out at night.
They had some really fantastic skeletons made out of bleach bottles.  An outhouse with a really creepy guy inside doing his business.  It was really fantastic.  But then it was time for House # 3…

House Three was spectacular.  I actually managed to meet the owner, a nice guy named Ralph, who designed all the displays and talked with him for a few minutes.  Apparently he replaces the dummies with real people on Halloween night.

He clearly put hours and hours into the display, and every time we drove buy today he was working on some new part of the display.  My late night photography really doesn’t do it justice.

So only I could end up in the middle of nowhere and go looking at haunted yard displays.  Cause…  that’s just me.