What Did The MidTerm Election Mean Anyway?

So, the midterm elections are over… what does it mean?

Probably not much.

Angry people voted, angry voices were heard… sort of.  Neither side really understood why people were angry.  If they did, both parties would have listened harder rather than pander.  Both sides made fools of themselves in spectacular ways.

Democrats ran around telling us what awful people Tea Party members are instead of listening to their issues and addressing them.  Republicans pointed to the black man in office and said “BAD” instead of telling us how they are going to “fix” what’s broken.  Neither party attempted to engage in dialogue or anything resembling honest debate over issues that mattered to middle America.  And middle America was more concerned with middle America than ever before… without regard for the rich or the poor.

And people wonder why I’m a political cynic that can’t stand the political process.