Tornado Zombie Apocalypse 2011

I survived the Tornado Zombie Apocalypse of 2011.  I don’t call it that to belittle the tragedy, but to cope with the stress of what happened here in Alabama.  Now that things are starting to get back to normal, I suppose we can start looking back at what went on.

Some facts:

312 Tornados.
350+ died
1000 left homeless
660,000 left without power, most for several days  (Wed to early Mon morning for me)
No gas, food or water for thousands.  (Huntsville kept the water flowing, thank goodness)

I’m also working on a T-Shirt design.  I’m going to get about 35 shirts made up at first, sell them for enough to donate $5 to Red Cross for each shirt.  Hopefully the cost will be less than $20 a shirt.  Here’s the design:

I also video blogged about it on YouTube.  Here are the links:


Friday – 1

Friday -2