I’m calling Racial Bullsh*t.

I’ve got to call this one.

It’s rare that I see racism in my community, but I’m afraid I’ve found a fine example of it. It actually makes me sad.

See, I love my community, and I nearly cried when a friend and fellow blogger (if someone as haphazard as I can be considered a blogger) praised and defended our little community of diversity. But I’ve found a nasty underbelly of racism that I just can’t leave alone.

It involves the past HCS Superintendent and the new HCS Superintendent.

The previous Superintendent was a black woman. Dr. Moore was many things other than that simple label, but one of the things I didn’t think she ever could be considered was a “good” superintendent. After all, under her watch we became the school system in Alabama with the single largest debt. Not that she worked in a vacuum, but the fact is, by any outside objective method, HCS had plenty of unaddressed problems under her administration.

The new Superintendent is a white man. Again, Dr. Wardynski is so much more than that simple label. I am beginning to believe that he is going to share many things with Dr. Moore, including being a poor Superintendent. But Dr. Moore’s and Dr. Wardynski’s ability (or lack thereof) to lead HCS is not why I’m writing this post.

One of the many complaints that I heard over and over again about Dr. Moore is how bloated the central office became under her tenure. Usually, but not always, this included a reference to her filling it with her own “cronies.” Yet one of the things that Dr. Wardynski shares with Dr. Moore is that he is planning (or already has started) to further increase the size of the central office, hiring even more people… and guess what… they are also his “cronies.”

Yet when Dr. Moore did this, it was bad. Now some of the same people are saying that what Dr. Wardynski is doing is good. And yet, the only difference is that one is a black woman doing it, and the other is a white man doing it.

That, my friends, is racist bullsh*t. And I’m calling people on it from now on.


4 thoughts on “I’m calling Racial Bullsh*t.

  1. I imagine Moore’s cronies were, at least, local cronies, or maybe Alabamians or regional cronies. But how much hand-holding are the Aurora gang going to need to get a clue on the nuances of the HCS messes? In theory, it may be a good thing to get an objective look at the problems — but someone in the gang needs some familiarity with the history of the City, and you’d be surprised how much digging that could take. Example: Talk with any of the faculty who were around at the formation of New Century and you will learn that Columbia is occupying part of NC’s building — and not the other way around. But try to find that history on line. The School Board minutes are a joke; there’s next-to-no documentation anywhere of anything.

    A prediction: consultants will be hired to ease the gang into the community so they can tell their grits from mouldy applesauce, etc. etc. etc.

    • I don’t believe they want to learn their grits from mouldy applesauce. I believe that the Aurora Public Schools are moving here to start up charter schools and run things their own way.

  2. Anne Roy more couldn’t do a thing without the approval of the school board…the same board who now approves everything Wardynski wants. You are correct, the school board is not accountable to the people. There is no hope for black/brown/poor students. Thanks for calling out the racial bullPoop.

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